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Help Shape The Next 150 years in Canada by joining a national discussion with K-12 classrooms across the country!


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Join the discussion anytime between September to the end of December 2017


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Let's Make The Next 150 Vision Represent as Many Young Canadian Voices as Possible!

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How Students’ Participation Can Influence the Next 150 Years in Canada?

Your class can join thousands of Canadian students in a national discussion for Canada's 150th by sharing their perspectives on WorldVuze on any or all of the Next 150 questions about these 5 important topics:

Share your vision of what you think should be expected of a ‘responsible’ citizen in Canada and what rights they should expect to have in the Next 150 years.
Share your vision of what it should mean for people of all cultures and communities (urban, rural, Indigenous, northern, suburban, Francophone, Anglophone) in Canada to feel they belong and are represented in the next 150.
Share your vision of whether anything needs to change in the way we learn about Canadian history in school and in the media and the value of learning from the past in the next 150 years.
Share your vision of the kind of changes people and communities in Canada should be making to become more sustainable and what Canada’s contribution as a nation should be towards a more sustainable world in the next 150 years.
Share your vision of what role Canada should take as a leader in the world, Canada’s responsibility to address international challenges, and how Canada should prepare young people to contribute as leaders in the world in the next 150 years.

How Students’ Participation Can Influence the Next 150 Years in Canada?

Student perspectives shared from across Canada on the Next 150 discussion questions will form a collective Next 150 vision of what young people want the Next 150 years in Canada to be like and a blueprint for current and future generations to follow to get us there! In December 2017, this collective Next 150 vision will be posted publicly by WorldVuze on our site as an infographic and report. WorldVuze will also share this Next 150 vision with the media, Canadian Ministries and decision makers so the voices of Canadian youth will be heard!

Where will the Next 150 Discussions Take Place?

Your class can participate in the The Next 150 / Les Prochaines 150 Années discussions anytime between September and the end of November 2017 on WorldVuze, a free online K-12 global discussion platform.

About WorldVuze

WorldVuze allows K-12 students to safely share their own perspectives, as well as explore and compare the multiple and diverse perspectives of other students across Canada and around the world.

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This project has been made possible in part by Canadian Heritage.
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